Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thing 10...we already have a staff wiki in place here at RPL. We have most of our staff info on there and access to lots of other useful things. We sign up for classes on there as well. Therefore I am familiar with a wiki format and have editted our wiki here. I think it is a unique idea...letting everyone have access to a source and altering it at will. It can go wrong in terms of research--how are we ever sure what the facts are. Great way of sharing info, no matter what.
Thing 9 Didn't get this one very well...did not seem clear and all that easy. I think my time would be better spent moving on.......
Thing 8 Back again in 2009...certainly these tools can be used to highlight your libraries activities and materials. For home use, my thought would be to keep families connected and entertained.

Love the efolio...especially in these times when many are losing jobs and need an easy and highly accessable way to get their name and resume out there...that may be a site a recommend to friends consistently.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thing 7
1: I do most of the time-saving tips, with quick answers, no reminders, and deleting email quickly. I sometime struggle with trying not to be too short in my replies...I am afraid I might sound rude with short phrase replies and also prefer some courtesy in emails sent to me.
2a,b,c: Interesting video...guess I need to learn IM short-cut language! I do not IM, but our library reference division receives and answers patron questions via IM. Pretty amazing..but I don't think they receive that many questions.
3a,b,c: These tools are such great ways to keep in touch with the younger crowd, and increasingly, the very busy, on the move, older crowd as well.
4a,b,: I have been a part of a couple of web-casts here at our library and have had 2 trainings via web conferencing. It is such a handy tool and keeps budgets down by eliminating travel.

Thing 6

Quite the amazing tool! Sure could be fun for special library promotions, reading programs, and general fun. Quite easy to use and quite fun! AND...I was able to post the picture. Glad it worked this time!
Thing 4
Navigating pictures...and such amazing pictures they are!! Sadly, I tried to upload a picture to my blog twice, after following the instructions very carefully, and no luck. I don't know what happened...but I did get to see some beautiful pictures of the ocean (my tag) even if I couldn't display one here.
Thing 5
Love Flickr!! Such cool/fun things to be found! By far my favorite Thing...Flickr is something I could spend a lot of time on--both at work and at home. I did not find the "Easy-to-follow" instructions on how to upload the code to my blog. Did quite a bit of searching on each feature and did not find any instructions...